Being a parent is the most delightful feeling in the world but also is capable of showing blues. Young children are quite demanding and require constant attention. Most parents misinterpret their child’s emotions and personality. Fostering a child is the most challenging job hence, are few pointers that might help you to cope with the parenting hurdles.

Don’t let “boys will be boys” kind of stereotypical ideologies affect your son. Keep that drama away from him and don’t conventionalize him because he is a boy. Don’t tell him to control his emotions or not allow him in doing domestic chores because of his gender. Teach him to respect and act gently with girls because they’re human too, not because you feel girls are fragile and demand care and attention.

“The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.” _Ewan McGregor. Hence, we have jotted down 7 clever parenting strategies that may help you to raise your boy child to be a great man.

1.    Try to be gender-neutral: Emancipate gender equality, teach your son to perform domestic chores and ask for his help in cooking. Prevent him from feeling superior just because he is a boy. Avoid educating your son on the awful definitions of masculinity or femininity.

2.    Encourage your son on expressing his emotions: It is perfectly fine to cry, get scared or being sensitive. Give him the independence to show his emotions without being judged. Don’t ask him to be strong physically or mentally because he is a boy.

3.    Avoid defending your son’s wrongdoings: If he had hit somebody or stole money from your wallet don’t defend him. It will encourage him in repeating or even multiplying his mischiefs. Scold him and make him apologize. Defending him now would make you regret it later.

4.    Assign him with responsibilities: Ask him to buy commodities from a nearby grocery store, doing dishes, cleaning, etc. It will help your son be self-reliant and comparatively less lazy.

5.    Give him physical affection abundantly: Girl child tends to get more physical affection than a boy child. Parents need to understand, though they may not show it. The boy child needs cuddling, hugs and kisses too.

6.    Teach him social etiquette: Showing concern, respect or adoration does not make your son so-called feminine. Educating your son with basic social etiquette will make him presentable in society. Furthermore, it will help him to become a better person when he grows up.

7.    Encourage his passion: Whatever your passion is you are bound to support him even if his passions are less boyish! If he prefers dancing more than playing cricket, encourage him and serve him with essential supplies.