Parenting is not an easy task. It's filled with challenges and many things that keep us busy, such as getting our kids to sleep, getting them to eat right, exercising, and staying out of trouble.

Not to mention that we are our kids' first teachers and role models. We need to be good role models because our kids will look up to us, and we want to be the best for them. Here are our top tips for keeping your kids healthy and happy.

The importance of being present

Practically, you were always staying with your children at a crucial time. You should be around, playing with them, you should help them with basic activities: making sure they eat correctly, learning to walk, brushing their teeth, and so on.

Parents should use some skills that develop their child growth mentally, and you should be there for your kids when they need you.

That is the purpose of being a parent: to help your children make it through the day and grow up to be independent. You should make sure that they're healthy and have the basics they need.

Practice a definite routine for your child's daily schedule

Try creating a routine for your kid, such as what to do before bed, to help them sleep better. You might tell them a bedtime story in the evening, do a warm-up or stretch routine before sleeping.

A morning routine helps to wake up and get going. You can also do a warm-up or stretch practice right after waking up. It will help strengthen and energize the child's body for the rest of the day.

It is also essential to give your child a quiet time to reflect on their day. Setting a fixed time for meals is also crucial.

Create routines at home or routines when you are out in public

Create a routine for your kids when at home or in a public place. Habits will help children learn how to be safe, how to feel safe, how to act safely, how to help others, how to listen, how to follow the rules.

Routine is also a crucial part of teaching and learning. It teaches your kids a lot about the world and how things work. It helps your kids learn by doing. It makes things easier, saves time, and allows for better focus. Routine activities are also a great way to create community and bonds.

Connect with the family members

Kids must learn to connect with their elders and family members and respect them. They must also have a strong sense of family and community and be good role models.

Family is crucial in so many ways. When kids grow up with a strong sense of family, they are not only happier, they are better students, healthier, more committed to their family, their school, and their communities, and they are better citizens.

Kids who have a stronger sense of family see their communities as a place where they can make their family proud and feel like they belong.

Establish consistent rules throughout the family

Setting rules and regulations in the house with kids is always a good choice because it's a good training tool for them to get used to doing things in a certain way.

Your children can learn manners, respect and how important it is to be considerate when interacting with others.

These will help the children to grow social skills when they have to interact with other people.

Set healthy habits right from the beginning

Start on the right foot by setting healthy habits for your kid. Be their mentor in life. Let them know you are here with your kid constantly with all the knowledge they need to succeed in life. Also, help them learn how to be a good listener by setting up an example.

Also, try to create a positive environment in your home with positive reinforcement. This way, you can teach your kid to be a better person. Inculcating good habits is essential in the early stage of their life.

Be present, model positive behavior, and support your spouse's involvement efforts.

Set a positive example, and support your spouse's efforts to be involved with kids. Make sure you're on the same page with your spouse before you start talking with your children. Involve them in the activities of your families, including in child care. Take time to play with the kids and laugh with them.

Both parents should pay equal attention to the kids because consistent parenting is the best. Kids that come to know their parents first and foremost as a source of love and support will benefit the parent the most. A parent's love is one of the greatest gifts given to their children.