Coding is a very essential skill to acquire and for kids, it's  good for them to start learning elementary coding concepts. As their young minds are filled with curiosity and thirst to learn more but along with it, their brains are very agile. Hence, we need to introduce something fun or enjoyable so that kids give their full attention to it.

Coding is easy to learn when someone pays full interest without any compulsion from parents. So, the question is "Can we make coding a fun filled activity for kids?" The answer is a Big Yes!

These simple ways can make learning coding as fun as playing games or sports or doing any other fun activity. Let's know about them.

1. Coding with Activities and Games

Fun activities and games always fascinate kids. Integrating them into coding can make it captivating for kids. They will surely enjoy the process and spend more time on it. Kids can try developing their own games like Flappy Bird Game. It will enhance their coding, problem solving skills, creativity and logical thinking skills.

2. Learning through visually rich content

Learning can be made very interesting as well as easy to understand through animations, videos, and practical experience. Engaging kids with visually rich content can clearly make them understand the concepts in an easier way.

3. Coding is all about practice

Just like math, coding needs vigorous practice to master it. The practice sessions can be made enjoyable by building small projects or solving tricky questions. The coding knowledge should be at a decent level before coming to this step.


The whole technological world is enveloped in a blanket of codes. The applications, websites, games, and other advanced systems that we use are backed by more than a billion lines of code. Every industry in this world is moving towards digitalization and automating their work process. Ask yourself are you really preparing your kids for the future?

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