With the help of various event handlers (green blocks), we create our own “Flappy Bird game” thereby making the programming more interesting and easy to learn. For example:

1. I have dragged and placed the code “set player”   (see the red arrow)  on the workspace  in such a way that I can change the character in the game, set the speed and even I can modify the background of the play space.

2. The picture below shows the various speeds with which we can move the character

3. Next, when I click on run the character to be played comes in and I should get ready to play the game once I click the play space.

4. To create my own flappy bird game, I am going to use some green blocks. The events will happen based on the codes placed to the green blocks. For example, when I click in the play space the yellow bird will move according to the code “flap a small amount”. Similarly, I have given the code “set score 1”when it pass an obstacle and “set score 0” and “play sad sound” when hit an obstacle. Finally I have given the code “end game” for the event “when hit ground”.

5. Thus you can create a customized version of Flappy Bird game with your own imagination and have fun. Now its your turn!!!!

Click on the link given to build your own flappy game https://studio.code.org/s/coursec-2019/stage/15/puzzle/11