Learning to code at any age is like learning how to speak and write a new language,(aka the computer language). It has its own difficulties which can be overcome by going through it step by step and we can use it to build and run websites, apps, video games, and more.

Star Wars Game

Here I am going to show you from scratch how to code your very own star wars game. You can code this game the way you want it to function by using the many commandments available. So let us begin!!

This is how our workspace looks like. On the extreme left of this page is where we run the program after writing the codes. Just below that is the four signs that indicate the directions in which we can move our own R2-D2. On the right side is our workspace where we will be using our imagination to create our game.

In the second image, I have written the basic codes to begin the game like the arrows to move the R2-D2 around, to play a selected sound, and to set the speed to move it around.

So this is how the final coding looks like after I am done creating the game. I have written commands as well as events to gain points as well as lose them under conditions as well as end the game.

This is how I programmed my game to run. The workspace is a blank canvas..so get your tools and start right away to create your very own game.

Awaken the creator in you !!