Maths is always scary. Isn’t it? Your kid may have a fear of maths too. But some simple math tricks can put this math fear to an end. Can there be anything more interesting than combining maths with magic?

Not only kids but also some parents are intimidated by math problems, mainly when it includes large numbers and complex calculations. Math magic trick is an underused part of math yet is enjoyable, inventive, and fascinating. It helps you learn techniques to solve complicated calculations quickly and enhance your math skills and understanding. It can be interactive and boost your kid’s brain like never before. These tricks can help your child to solve problems easily and quickly. It can be shown to family and friends, and it looks like you are reading their minds. Interesting right? Here are some of those exciting math tricks for your kid.

The number is always 37

Step 1: Ask your friend to choose a three-digit number with the same digits. For example 666

Step 2: Add those digits together. 6+6+6=18

Step 3: Ask your friend to divide the number with the sum. 666/18=37

Magic! This trick works every single time.

Predict any number

Step 1: Ask your friend to choose a number. Let’s say 28.

Step 2: Subtract 1 from the number first. 28-1=27

Step 2: Ask them to multiply it by 3. So, 27 x 3= 81.

Step 3: Add 12 to the number. 84+12= 93

Step 4: Divide the number by 3. 93/3= 31

Step 5: Now ask to add 5 more to it. 31+5=36

Step 6: Ask your friend to subtract the original number from the above one. 36-28= 8

The answer will always be 8.

Turn six digits into three

Step 1: Choose any three-digit number and repeat it to get a six-digit number. For example, if you choose 371, write it twice to get 371371, a six-digit number.

Step 2: Divide the six-digit number by 7.

Step 3: Again, divide the answer by 11.

Step 4: Now, divide again with 13. The order of dividing the number is not essential. You have to divide the six-digit number into 7,11, and 13. The answer you will get is the three-digit number. In this case, it is 371.

A related trick is to choose a three-digit number and multiply it by 11,7 and 13, and you will get the six-digit number. For example, if you choose 456, the answer you will get is 456456, the six-digit number!

Choose any number your end product will be 2

Step 1: Ask your friend to choose a number in his mind. Let’s consider 6.

Step 2: Multiply the number by 3. 6 x3=18.

Step 3: Add 6 to the number. 18+6= 24.

Step 4: Now, divide the number by 3. 24/3=8.

Step 5: Now subtract the original number from the answer. The answer is 2! You can confirm the trick by choosing any number. The trick always works.

Guess the shoe size of your friend

Step 1: Multiply the show size with 5. Suppose, if the shoe size is 4 then it will be 5x4=20

Step 2: Now, add 50 to the result. 20+50= 70.

Step 3: Again, multiply the answer by 20. 70x20=1400

Step 4: Now, add 1019 more. 1400+1019= 2419.

Step 5: Now, subtract the year you were born from the above answer. Suppose you were born in 2000, then 2419-2000= 419.

In this number, the first digit 4 is the shoe size, and the last two digits that are 19 is the age of your friend.

Magic of number 1089

Step 1: Choose any number. Let’s choose 567.

Step 2: Now, reverse the order. Therefore, your number becomes 765. This is your first number.

Step 3: Now rearrange the number in ascending order. Therefore, 765 becomes 567. This is your second number.

Step 4: Now, subtract the second number from the first. The answer will be 765-567= 198.

Step 5: Now rearrange the order accordingly to get the number 891. Rearrange the digits in first and third place.

Step 6: now, add 891 and 198. The answer is 1089!

Dicey trick

Step 1: Ask your friend to roll two dice without revealing the numbers to you. Let’s say, 4 and 6.

Step 2: Ask to multiply the number on the first dice with 2. Here, it will be 4x2= 8

Step 3: Now, add 5 more to it. 8+5=13

Step 4: Now, again multiply with 5. 13x5= 65.

Step 5: Add the number of the second dice with the above answer. That means 65+6= 71.

Step 6: Now, subtract 25 from the answer and ask your friend to tell you. 71-25= 46.

Step 7: Predict the two numbers of the dice. The first digit is the first number, and the second digit is the second. Isn’t it excellent and straightforward!


All these cool math hacks not only impress your friends but will also boost your calculation skills. Now, your kid will have a different approach to mathematics. They will surely grasp complex concepts quickly. These tricks will make maths enjoyable as well. Do encourage your child to practice these math tricks. Ask your child to play the role of the magician with these incredible math wizardries!