Vedic Math is renowned as “World’s Fastest Mental Math System”. The rediscovery of Vedic Math dates back to the years 1911 and 1918. Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji rediscovered the ancient Indian mathematic system from the Vedas. It is believed that it’s one of the oldest mathematic systems ever existed. It is named Vedic Math because the methodologies and knowledge were initially found in the Indian ancient book “Atharva Vedas” which is the fourth Veda.

Why is Vedic Math so special?

Vedic Math comprises of 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras. These formulas can be used for performing most of the calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division quickly.

The most special thing about Vedic Math is that it teaches you mind blowing calculation tricks using which you can solve complex or huge problems calculations within seconds in your mind itself. Hence, for building calculation speed Vedic Math is very useful. Furthermore, Vedic Math makes learning mathematic a joyful experience. The Vedic Math formulas are easy and beautifully interrelated.

Benefits of Vedic Math

· Solve difficult problems easily, it saves time

· No need of pen-paper work or finger counting

· Makes learning enjoyable

· Encourages innovation

· Increases concentration

Interest towards Vedic Math is increasing and educational institutes are also teaching the Vedic Math formulas to students. Vedic Sutras are being implemented in computing, geometry, calculus, statistics, etc as it makes calculation much more efficient.

Vedic Math Example: How to Divide any Large Number by 5 quickly!

Step 1: Take any number

Step 2: Multiply it by 2

Step 3: Move the decimal point to the left to get the answer


627 / 5 = ?

627 * 2 = 1254

1254 --> 125.4

627 / 5 = 125.4

Learn More!

Mental math is a very important skill to develop. Along with making the calculations fast and easier, it also helps in building creativity and intelligence. Vedic Math is one of the best ways to develop mental math ability as it is easy to understand and practice. It can prove to be very helpful for competitive exams.

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