TalkingChalks is an online learning platform where highly qualified instructors teach children how to code in a very friendly and easy-to-learn manner. Our courses would be a great head start for your child’s early computer science education voyage.

Why do we believe every child must learn to code?

Technology and computers are the backbone of our modern world.Our kids will live in an even more technology enabled world. And consequently, computer science is a booming sector. At TalkingChalks we will help your children take their initial steps to learn coding and thus ensure they get to benefit in many ways as a person and as a student. They will be ahead of those who start learning computer programming as they start learning in their college programs. Being exposed to programming early, they will get a lot of time to learn other related technologies.

The present day school education system does not give so much importance to imparting computer education early on even though there is credible research of the benefits. At TalkingChalks, we realize the long standing benefits of early computer education and we stand for educating our children as early possible. We believe everyone should learn how to code. In the future we foresee that computers will again revolutionize and reinvent everything we see today. To sustain in that moment strong technical skills and programming capability will be required. This is why we believe your child needs to learn coding.

Why choose TalkingChalks ?

We have a great story to convince you why you should choose TalkingChalks for your child’s early computer education and enroll your child soon before all seats get filled this summer season.

Great Instructors: We have the team of finest instructors who are professionals and specially trained in great teaching skills. Our teachers are provided with tools to assist your child as they learn along, we have great examples where their professionalism in teaching inspired their students.

Proven Curriculum: We follow and courses that are created by world renowned academicians and professionals. The curriculum that we teach our students is by far the best in the world. The curriculum is specially designed for students of the age of 6 to 16years of age. They learn by making games and learn concepts before they know it, having fun all the way. Kids love it.

Interactive Environment: Our online classes are not boring series of lectures. Our teachers are lead learners and students are encouraged and made to code along with their instructor with their own creativity at their own pace. An ample amount of time is given and proper guidance is also provided if someone encounters any kind of difficulty. Students enjoy our learning process. We ensure it is always very interesting and easy to comprehend and personalized to each child.

Variety of courses: We offer all our courses for kids from 6 to 16 years of age. There are different programs available. Read about the different programs and choose the one needed for your child. We will be happy to assist in assessing your child's learning stage and design the best course for them.

This is that great time to realize and act for the best opportunity for our children. We wanted to say that programming is a very important domain we cannot ignore. Proper guidance from our teachers and our online courses will transform your child’s future and help to achieve his or her dream goals you want for them. We hope we inspired you as much as we are to help your child learn with us. Get started today with the TalkingChalks team and avail the great summer discounts before all seats are filled. Request for your free 1hour full teaching session to get started and enroll your child in our premium courses. Today !